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  • Details on product lines help you TARGET the prospects most likely to buy -- never take chances on a "blind" effort again, and price range carried.
  • Customize your "target package" of potential customers based on geographic location, product specialty sales volume, size, buying office affiliation or price range.
  • PLAN a successful product line by conferring with your target buyers. A rich flow of reliable customer feedback lets you build a catalog of items the market prefers.
  • SEEK out buyers you used to work with. When buyers change jobs, the "Who's Where" index lets you know where they've gone -- and who they're buying from now.

Each Special Market Directory Provides:

  • Data on sales volume, store type, description of lines,
  • Complete contact information on thousands of industry executives and buyers, including complete address, phone, and fax numbers.

Each Retail Directory Gives You:

  • Details on premium and incentive usage, meetings and conventions planned, location, number of attendees, months held, duration, and more.
  • Names, addresses, and telephone and fax numbers for thousands of industry executives and decision-makers.

We have just launced a brand new site for ALL buyers contacts and databases:

Lists  retailers in the U.S. and Canada, Men's & Boys' Wear Buyers also provides information about more than 6,300 men's and boys' apparel, accessories and footwear buyers and executives. Each listing includes the company name, address, phone, fax and Web site address, as well as contact names and titles, the type of merchandise bought and any divisions or parent companies. Now available in printed book or Premium Online Subscription.

With over 9,000 key executives and buyers so you can reach the decision-makers without wasting your valuable time talking to the wrong people. Each listing provides key information such as contact names and titles, the type of merchandise bought, street addresses, phone and fax numbers and Web site addresses. Now available in Printed Book or Premium Online Subscription.
Target key buyers at major discount department stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Profiling buyers at more than 2,241 companies in categories such as discount and department store chains, drugstore chains, supermarkets and convenience stores and wholesale jobbers. Available in Printed Book format or Premium Online Database Subscription.
If you are in the gift, housewares or home textile industry, you need Gift, Housewares & Home Textile Buyers to generate the sales you need. With over 3,720 companies listed, you have the information you need to sales campaigns and get your product into your target stores. Available in Printed Book or Online Database Subscription.

The Independent Apparel Representatives and Multi-line Showrooms directory includes information on over 1,000 independent sale agents and multi-line showrooms representing the fashion industry across the United States. These agents and showrooms are critical to merchandisers and manufacturers looking to connect with retailers to introduce their lines into the retail space.

The directory includes valuable information such as market focus, price points, territories served, number of locations, rep type, and specific brands carried. In addition each record includes address, phone number, key contacts, website address, and e-mail address. Arranged geographically, the directory also includes an alphabetical index, a brand index, and a rep/contact index.

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Our Directory contains over 550 Convenience Store Distributors in the U.S. It includes key buyer's names, many personal e-mails and phone numbers.This directory is emailed to you in Excel database and will be our most current (updated 1x a year).

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Our Convenience/Grocery Chain Directory contains key contacts and personnel information including phone numbers, mailing addresses, titles, email and addresses. All of this is provided in convenient Excel database that is emailed to you.

Our Directory provides access to the top Grocery Chains & Convenience Store Chains. It includes Buyers, General Merchandisers, V.P.s, Directors.

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Our Wholesale Grocers/Food Service Directory contains  key contacts and personal information including phone numbers, mailing addresses, titles, e-mail and addresses. It includes Buyers, General Merchandisers, V.P.s, CEO's and Directors. This directory is updated annually and delivered to you in Excel format via email.

Occasionally we have older versions left-over in our inventory and deep discount these titles. Even if a bit out of date, these books will give you company information, contact info and details. Priced as low as 100.00. Click on this listing to see inventory and details.
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This directory features over 2,200 pages packed with the most updated information on shopping malls throughout the United States. Available in printed format (2,200 pages) and online accessible database.

We have set up a brand new website for ALL of our directories and databases to find buyers and create custom lists. Please visit our new site at: which will provide a great deal of information on each product!